Bitdefender Agent system tray icon appears after a long time

Starting with the build versions 19.x, 20.x and 21.x bdagent.exe (which holds the Bitdefender desktop widget, Wallet master password, the ‘B’ system tray icon) no longer loads automatically from the Run registry key, but it is set to run as a scheduled task.

In Task Scheduler, Bitdefender Agent is now scheduled to start with a delay after boot. Therefore, the system tray icon appears a little bit later.

NOTE: This does not jeopardize the security of the Windows systems.

It only delays the load of some Bitdefender graphics for a better response of Windows 10. The anti-malware engines are loaded automatically at boot from vsserv.exe. This is the main process of Bitdefender in charge of real-time protection.

Even though the interface is not loaded yet, Bitdefender still provides real-time protection against malware even before your Windows account loads completely.