How to create a password-protected archive with Bitdefender Compress Tool

You can use the Bitdefender Compress Tool to create secured archives with malware samples. These can later be sent to our experts for further analysis.

To create a password-protected archive, simply follow the steps detailed below:

1. Click on this link to download and save the Bitdefender tool on your desktop.

2. Next, double-click to run the Bitdefender Compress Tool.

3. Now just drag and drop the infected files in the Compress Tool window and click on OK when you’ve finished.

Bitdefender Compress Tool

Bitdefender Compress Tool

Bitdefender Compress Tool

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3. A secure archive with the password “infected” (without quotation marks) will be created on your desktop. You can then send the resulted archive to Bitdefender as an attachment via e-mail.