System requirements for Bitdefender 2017

Make sure that the computer where you plan to install Bitdefender 2017 meets the minimum system requirements. If the computer does not meet all the minimum system requirements, Bitdefender will not be installed or, if installed, it will not work properly and it will cause system slowdowns and system instability.

You may install Bitdefender 2017 only on computers running the following operating systems:

• Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

• Windows 8

• Windows 8.1

• Windows 10


NOTETo find out the Windows operating system your computer is running and hardware information, follow these steps:

• In Windows 7 right-click My Computer on the desktop and then select Properties from the menu.

• In Windows 8Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 from the Windows Start screen, locate Computer (for example, you can start typing “Computer” directly in the Start screen) and then right-click its icon. Select Properties in the bottom menu. Look under System to see the system type.

System Requirements

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