How the Autopilot works in Bitdefender 2019

Originally, the Autopilot was implemented in Bitdefender products for users who want nothing more from their security solution than to be protected without being bothered. While on Autopilot, Bitdefender would apply an optimal security configuration and take all security-related decisions for the user.

With the launch of Bitdefender 2019, the Autopilot feature will be ON by default. Furthermore, the ON/OFF switch was abandoned in favor of a recommendation-based system, where you will constantly receive advice based on the way you interact with your system. These recommendations will be used to highlight different security features that were previously disabled or unknown to the user.

You can browse through the recommendations from the main Bitdefender interface and links to the different modules will be included, so that you’ll be able to address security concerns as soon as possible. In the case of some security features (such as Advanced Threat Defense), disabling them will automatically change the security status of your device (e.g. from “Protected” to “At risk”).

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