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E-learning site Lynda.com suffers data breach

Alexandra GHEORGHE

December 19, 2016

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E-learning site Lynda.com suffers data breach

55,000 Lynda.com passwords were reset after a third party breached one of its databases, according to news reports.

Passwords were reset as a precautionary measure, since there is “no evidence that this data included your passwords”, the company said in an email to its users.

We recently became aware that an unauthorized third party breached a database that included some of your Lynda.com learning data, such as contact information and courses viewed,” the company said. “While we have no evidence that your specific account was accessed or that any data has been made publicly available, we wanted to notify you as a precautionary measure.

Lynda started informing 9.5 million users who had learner data exposed. It also said it would work with law enforcement on the issue.

Lynda.com is part of the LinkedIn Learning concept – a platform that encourages professionals to enhance their skills and promote themselves on LinkedIn.

This year, Microsoft acquired Lynda”s parent company LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, and professionals can, as a result, learn how to use Microsoft products through the e-learning site.



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