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Cross-platform Ransomware Protection with Bitdefender 2018


July 13, 2017

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Cross-platform Ransomware Protection with Bitdefender 2018

Ransomware has been estimated to be a billion-dollar business, indiscriminately targeting both home users and organizations. Although it has been active for years, recent ransomware campaigns, such as WannaCry, have gone viral and infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in a matter of days.

A common misconception is that ransomware is strictly limited to Windows and Android operating systems, while MacOS was affected in early 2016. Dubbed KeRanger and disseminated via a popular app, is was the first time ransomware was successfully ported to Apple”s OS. It”s unlikely this threat will fade, as it”s generating significant revenue for cybercriminals, so Bitdefender has introduced two security layers designed specifically to combat ransomware.

With Bitdefender 2018 now available for both Windows and MacOS, our ransomware protection technologies ensure the highest level of protection for your files and data.

Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) is Bitdefender’s proprietary dynamic detection technology designed to prevent ransomware from reaching your device and encrypting your data. With improved heuristics that significantly enhance performance, ATD can continuously monitor the behavior of running applications and prevent any file-encrypting ransomware from taking your data hostage.

This means that, if an unknown piece of ransomware would try to execute and start encrypting your files, its behavior will be detected by ATD and instantly be prevented from doing any harm. Because ransomware is known to look different for every victim, Bitdefender”s ATD will block the ransomware”s behavior as soon as it wants to start encrypting your files.

The second layer of ransomware protection allows users to add additional security for folders containing critical documents and files, so that they won”t be encrypted by ransomware in case it still manages to avoid all other security layers. Important files can be secured with just a few clicks.

All users have to do is designate a folder they want protected, then place all critical data inside it. That way, Bitdefender”s self-protect technology will make sure no malware can modify the contents of the folder or, in this case, encrypt the data. Think of it as your own highly secure vault where you store documents so that nothing can affect them.

The two anti-ransomware layers are available in Bitdefender 2018, ensuring enterprise-grade protection through multiple security layers, so that no data will fall victim to ransomware. Cross-platform and multi-layer ransomware protection is now becoming a necessity, as cybercriminals have expanded the capabilities of ransomware across all popular operating systems.

Bitdefender 2018 is now available and features multiple layers of ransomware protection so that you can Do Your Thing, Protected!




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