Introducing the New ConnectWise PSA Integration via Automate Plugin: Bridging a Digital Divide

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February 13, 2024

Introducing the New ConnectWise PSA Integration via Automate Plugin: Bridging a Digital Divide

In an era where technology landscapes are constantly evolving, the ability to adapt and integrate innovative solutions is essential. This is what the story of our latest development, the new ConnectWise PSA integration via the ConnectWise Automate plugin, is all about. This update focuses on bridging the gap between Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) systems. It's about creating a more integrated and streamlined operational environment for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), aiming for simplicity and efficiency in their daily tasks.

This tale begins with a vision, one that sees beyond the complexities of managing disparate systems and envisions a seamless, integrated operational framework. Our commitment to this vision has driven us to develop a solution that not only enhances the functionality of our existing integration capabilities but also pioneers a new standard in the MSP industry. This development is not merely an update; it's a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in cybersecurity and remote management. This update is more than just an improvement; it reflects our ongoing dedication to innovation and quality in cybersecurity and remote management.

Automated Billing & Mapping

Central to our story is the impact of the new ConnectWise PSA integration on billing and service management. By simplifying the creation of additions and service ticketing directly from the Automate plugin, we are empowering MSPs with a tool that streamlines their operational processes. The seamless asset mapping between GravityZone, Automate, and PSA platforms facilitates an effortless synchronization of inventory and issue reporting. This not only enhances operational visibility but also ensures the accuracy of billing services for the corresponding GravityZone company. It's a leap towards operational harmony, where efficiency and precision drive the narrative.

PSA Service Ticketing

The plot thickens with the expansion of our existing ConnectWise Automate alerting capabilities into PSA service ticketing. This development is about extending the boundaries of what's possible, leveraging the ConnectWise Automate – PSA synchronization as the cornerstone for broader automation features within ConnectWise PSA. It's about creating a unified view across all platforms, offering MSPs complete visibility and control over their service ticketing processes. This chapter in our story is not just about technological advancement but about providing a solution that speaks directly to the needs and challenges of MSPs.


The introduction of our new ConnectWise PSA integration via the ConnectWise Automate plugin represents a significant step forward in our efforts to streamline MSP perations. This initiative is rooted in our dedication to providing practical, innovative solutions that support the efficiency and success of our partners in the cybersecurity and remote management sectors. With this integration, we aim to close the gap between PSA and RMM platforms, enhancing our partners' ability to manage their operations more effectively.

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