LinuxDefender goes Live on P2P

March 2004

BitDefender & BitTorrent - the begining of a beautiful friendship

The LinuxDefender Development team proudly announces the release of LinuxDefender Live! CeBit edition.

Linux Defender Live! is a bootable CD that contains a full-featured Linux distro, with BitDefender and third-party security tools included. The CeBit edition is the latest incarnation of this concept.

New features in the CeBit release of LinuxDefender include:

  • The new 2.6 kernel alongside the 2.4.23-xfs
  • The new AntiSpam server module from BitDefender
  • BitDefender Remote Admin 1.5.6
  • Gnome Desktop Environment
  • Multilanguage support - German, French, Spanish are available
    as boot options

    With this edition, the team has gone to great lengths to improve usability and availability. One of the steps taken was to provide BitTorrent seeds and trackers for the LinuxDefender Live! CD and the LinuxDefender Security CD (a more restrained version of the above, sporting less eye candy, but much smaller in size, at around 200MB).
    This new foray into the P2P world is expected to make downloading a LinuxDefender ISO a more painless (and hopefully shorter) experience than the use of our ftp
    and mirrors.

    To get LinuxDefender with BitTorrent do the following:
  • Download bittorrent from
  • install bittorrent
  • Open up ports 6881-6999/tcp so other clients can contact you
    for bits
  • figure out where you want the isos to go on your system
  • To download run:
  • Once your download is complete please leave your downloader
    running so it can help upload to the other clients. This is what makes bittorrent efficient.
  • check the isos md5sums to be sure they came through completely
    and correct.
    MD5 files can be found
    here for LinuxDefender Live! and
    here for the Security CD

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