hereVirus Masquerades as Symantec Update

16 August 2006

BitDefender analysts warn of a new virus spreading via an email which masquerades as a Symantec security update.

hereBitDefender Publishes Authentication Patch

14 August 2006

BitDefender has published a patch which solves the key authentication issue experienced by some installed BitDefender products yesterday.

hereBitDefender Products Detect JS.Blackworm.A Yahoo Email Worm

23 June 2006

Proof of Concept Worm Harmless Now but Shows Potential for Real Danger

hereBitDefender Delivers Enhanced Protection for Microsoft ISA Servers

20 June 2006

Powerful BitDefender products now include improved filter management, automated failure recovery and antispyware support

hereBitDefender Launches New Enterprise Software Suite

08 June 2006

BitDefender announced today the launch of its new enterprise security software suite, designed for large and small companies and Service Providers which use Linux and FreeBSD servers.

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