Optenet Partners with Bitdefender to Tighten Security for ISPs, Large Enterprises Worldwide

25 March 2013

Telecoms giant Telefonica becomes first Optenet client to benefit from Bitdefender antimalware technology

focusIT chooses Security-as-a-Service for AWS by Bitdefender

03 December 2013

Security for Virtualized Environments replaces traditional security and delivers highly rated integration with Amazon Web Services

Bitdefender Joins UN-Led ITU-IMPACT to Fight Cybercrime

05 March 2013

Bitdefender shares expertise with world's first private-public partnership against cyber crime

Bitdefender Reveals MiniDuke Malware Dated 2011

04 March 2013

MiniDuke authors likely 'throwing up smoke screen' to hide identity

Bitdefender Invites Elite Beta Testers to the New Bitdefender

01 March 2013

World’s best antivirus software to get even better in hands of elite beta testers worldwide

Bitdefender Discovers Early Version of MiniDuke Malware

01 March 2013

Nine-month old sample of MiniDuke used clock on Chinese time

Bitdefender Enterprise unveils GravityZone

25 February 2013

Full scale security management for physical, virtual and mobile hits the market

Bitdefender Partners with Alstor to Boost Market Share in Poland

31 January 2013

#1 antivirus vendor teams up with #1 Polish antivirus distributor

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