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What are the Bitdefender profiles and how do they work?

Bitdefender is by default set to Autopilot for completely silent security. While on Autopilot, Bitdefender makes all security related decisions for you and you don't have to configure any settings.
However some computer activities, such as games or presentations, require increased system responsiveness and performance, and no interruptions. When your laptop is running on battery power, it is best that unnecessary operations, which consume additional power, be postponed until the laptop is connected back to A/C power. To adapt to these particular situations, Bitdefender includes three special operation modes:
  • Work Profile
  • Movie Profile
  • Game Profile
Game Profile
Game Profile temporarily modifies protection settings so as to minimize their impact on system performance.
When a known game or an application in fullscreen is started Bitdefender will automatically detect it and Game Profile will boost performance on games, optimize product seetings, postpone background programs and maitenance tasks, postpone Windows Automatic Updates.
Obviously, once the game is over or no longer in full screen, Bitdefender will automatically switch to the previous Bitdefender settings.
Work Profile
Running multiple tasks at work, such as sending e-mails, having a video communication with your distant colleagues or working with design applications may affect your system performance. Work Profile has been designed to help you improve your work efficiency, by turning off some of your background services and maintenance tasks.
Movie Profile
Movie Profile automatically reduces interruptions during the movie and enhances visual effects. When a movie is played, Bitdefender will adjust the power plan and the visual settings for movies.
Each Profile can be configured depending on what actions you want it to take: it can postpone Automatic Windows Updates, postpone background programs and maintenance tasks or optimize product settings specific for each Profile.
Battery Mode
Bitdefender also includes a Battery Mode which optimizes the product Settings when the computer’s battery life is low.
Bitdefender detects when your laptop has switched to battery power and it automatically enters Battery Mode. Likewise, Bitdefender automatically exits Battery Mode, when it detects the laptop is no longer running on battery. 
The following product settings are applied when Bitdefender operates in Battery Mode: Bitdefender automatic update is postponed, scheduled scans are postponed
If you want to configure the Bitdefender Profiles:
  • Bring up the main Bitdefender interface
  • Click the Tools panel

  • Select the Profiles tab;

  • In the Profile window, select the Profile Settings specific to each Profile (Work, Movie, Game)
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