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How to use the Bdsyslog scanning tool

If your PC appears to be infected but Bitdefender does not detect any malware, please follow the steps below. Be sure to provide us with the following information, so that we can fully understand the cause and provide you with a quick solution:

NOTE: This information will be used for malware analysis only and will be treated accordingly.

         1. Describe the suspicious behavior that led you to believe that your PC is infected
         2. Using the “Attach a file” field, upload a screenshot displaying the malware or the effects of the malware (if applicable)
         3. Update your Bitdefender software, run a Deep System scan, and attach the scan log to your e-mail
         4. Provide a BdSys log (as described below):
         - Save the  BdSys Tool on the computer and run it.
         - Click the "Create log" button to start generating the log.A progress bar will indicate the status.
         - At the end of this process you will receive a prompt to inform you that the log has been saved on the Desktop,under the name of:
         - Upload the "" file using the “Attach a file” field of the form
         5. When completed, click the “Submit” button

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