How to change your Mac’s DNS server

In this article, we’ll explain how to change your DNS settings on a Mac. DNS stands for Domain Name System. Think of DNS as a phone book for the internet that translates domain names (like “”) into numeric IP addresses (like “”), allowing you to visit websites without having to remember their IP. By changing DNS, you can direct your internet connection to use a more reliable DNS server. This can help if you’re having trouble connecting to certain websites or applications, encountering Bitdefender update errors, VPN errors, or if your internet speed is slow.


Follow the steps below, based on your macOS version – Find out which macOS your Mac is using.


If you’re not happy with the new DNS server, you can always undo the changes or try a different server. Just retrace the steps above to access the DNS settings on your Mac and click the button at the bottom of the list. This action reverts your settings back to your Internet Provider’s default DNS server.