Bitdefender Password Manager to replace Bitdefender Wallet

On April 5, 2023 we will begin the End of Life (EOL) process for our legacy Bitdefender Wallet feature, which will be replaced by Bitdefender Password Manager, our new and more advanced offering. Bitdefender Password Manager is a next-generation multi-platform service that helps store and organize all your passwords.


If you become a Bitdefender customer after this date, you will no longer have the Wallet feature in security solutions for Windows. Instead, you’ll see a link to Bitdefender Password Manager.


If you are an existing Bitdefender Total Security, Internet Security, or Antivirus Plus customer, you can keep using Wallet with full capabilities until October 15, 2023. But after that date, you will lose all Wallet functionality. Don’t worry though, you can still export your stored passwords anytime. Current Wallet users will continue to receive support until December 31, 2023, as stated in the “End of Life Milestones and Dates for the Wallet feature” table, under the terms and conditions of the subscription agreement. Check the “Products Affected by This Announcement” table to see which Bitdefender products are impacted by this change.


Wallet’s End of Life: Milestones & Dates




End of Sale

The last date to order Bitdefender products that include a Wallet. The product will no longer be available for purchase with the Wallet feature after this date.

April 5, 2023

End of Life

Bitdefender engineering will stop releasing any software updates or fixing bugs for Wallet after this date. This means Bitdefender won’t work on improving, repairing, maintaining, or testing the Wallet feature anymore.

October 15, 2023

End of Support

After this date, the Wallet will become obsolete, and all support services for this feature will stop.

December 31, 2023


Products Affected by This Announcement


Operating System

Bitdefender Total Security


Bitdefender Internet Security


Bitdefender Antivirus Plus



Migration Path

The Wallet is being replaced by the new Bitdefender Password Manager. If you’re currently using Bitdefender Wallet, you’ll still have access to this feature until October 15, 2023. During this time, you will be prompted to transition to Bitdefender Password Manager at no extra cost. To make the transition seamless, you will be able to claim an extended free trial of the new Bitdefender Password Manager through the Wallet section of your security solution. When the trial expires, you may purchase Bitdefender Password Manager and switch to this cross-platform service. You can learn more about Bitdefender Password Manager at:


If you need help transferring your Wallet to Bitdefender Password Manager, go to: