Improvements in Bitdefender 2018

Bitdefender 2018 gives you unmatched cyber-security and offers a wealth of features to keep your family safe. It’s the first version delivered via product update, instead of uninstalling the old one and installing the new one.


Advanced Threat Defense

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Defense is an innovative proactive detection technology that uses advanced heuristic methods to detect ransomware and other new threats in real time.

Advanced Threat Defense identifies anomalies on the device and correlates different suspicious behaviors to significantly increase detection with less impact on performance than ever.

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Webcam protection

Webcam Protection permanently monitors the apps that try to access your camera and blocks those not listed as trusted. It leverages the Bitdefender Whitelist to let safe and trusted applications access the device webcam.

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Safe files

Ransomware is a malicious software that seeks to encrypt files and hold them for ransom. Users must pay the hackers to regain access to files like picture, videos or important documents.

Safe Files provides protection against ransomware for important files on the system. Only trusted applications are allowed access to files stored in your protected folders.

By default, the Documents, Desktop, Pictures and Videos folders are protected.

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Bitdefender Firewall adds an extra layer of protection, by blocking potentially malicious applications that want to connect to the Internet. Your personal information stays safe from hackers and data snoops.

The new Firewall has been completely redesigned to improve usability and allow better management of application rules.

Continuous updates

From now on, you will can get the latest versions of Bitdefender instantly, through product updates. With a single computer restart, your Bitdefender 2018 is ready to run.

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