Bitdefender VPN regional restrictions: The list of countries where VPNs are banned

We want to offer our VPN service to everyone. Unfortunately, in some areas, there are restrictions on the use of such a service. For your protection, we’ve restricted Bitdefender VPN connectivity in these countries that have banned VPNs or consider them illegal.


1. China

The use of a VPN is illegal in China. VPN providers can still operate if they obtain a license from the government, but the terms and conditions which they have to agree to simply defeat the whole purpose.


2. Iraq

In order to track and stop ISIS, Iraq banned the use of VPNs completely. While the intention may be good, it comes at the cost of discomfort for the citizens. VPNs have been banned in Iraq in order to stop terrorism and therefore all VPN usage is punishable by law.


3. UAE

Using a VPN in the UAE can cost you dearly as the fines are very heavy (up to £412,240). The main motivation behind the ban is VOIP services which undercut the profit of telecommunication companies. So, to support those industries, the government has taken this kind of step. In order to support certain types of businesses, the UAE has banned VPN usage within its territory.


4. Turkey

In order to curb the use of social media, the Turkish government blocked various websites, including those that provide VPN services. Turkey has banned VPN providers due to political reasons and using a VPN is now illegal.


5. Belarus

In 2015, Belarus decided to block the usage of Tor and VPN services. In Belarus, using a VPN is illegal.


6. Oman

The country actively bans and censors the media, including the internet, and prohibits the use of a VPN, too. In order to ban a certain type of content, using a VPN in Oman is prohibited.


7. Iran

The law regarding the use of VPN states that you can use one but only if it comes from providers which are licensed with the government, which indirectly defies the purpose of the VPN itself.


8. Russia

The Russian government passed a law banning VPNs. Using a VPN in Russia is illegal by law.


9. North Korea

VPN usage is completely banned by law in North Korea.


10. Uganda

In 2018, Uganda decided to tax people that use social media. As VPNs began to be used as a method to avert the tax, the government instructed Internet Service Providers to block VPN services.


11. Turkmenistan

VPN usage is banned in Turkmenistan as part of the government’s endeavor to control all media.

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