“The SIM in your friend’s phone has been changed”: how to prevent Bitdefender Mobile Security from sending these text messages on Project Fi networks

Project Fi subscribers who use Bitdefender Mobile Security will experience certain issues if they configure the trusted number feature.

Project Fi will move you to the network that is the fastest in your current location, whether that is 4G LTE, 3G, or 2G.

The problem is that Bitdefender Mobile Security will see this switch as a different SIM card being inserted into your device. Thus, it will automatically send a text message to the trusted number containing the new phone number, even though the SIM card was never removed.

IMPORTANTTo prevent this issue, we recommend not configuring a trusted phone numberYou will still be able to use the features from your Bitdefender Central account.


However, if you have already configured a number, you can still erase it by clearing the application data.

NOTEAfter this process is completed, all data will be lost and you will have to configure the application again.

To clear the application data, you will have to:

• Open your mobile device and go to Settings.

• Under Device administration, tap on Device administrators.

• Uncheck the box next to Antivirus and then tap on DEACTIVATE.

• Go back to the Settings menu, select Apps.

• Tap on Antivirus.

• Select CLEAR DATA and then tap on OK.

• Now, you can configure Bitdefender Mobile Security again, but do not set a trusted phone number.

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