What to do if I get a lot of pop-ups / ads (or my internet home page is changed)?

When going online, if you get pop-ups on the pages of your browser, you probably got on your computer some intrusive applications / toolbars. The same thing applies if your homepage got changed to another one without you doing anything to change it.

Many users have been tricked into installing these kind of third party toolbars that may overwrite default settings in their browsers (such as the home page or the preferred search engine). The inconveniences brought by this, are due to various bundle deals, on which the mentioned applications/toolbars are coming with.

To get rid of this nagging situation, please follow these steps:

1. Try to uninstall all the unknown programs / toolbars from your computer:

Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and double click on each of the unknown/unwanted applications in order to remove them from the system.


2. Now you should be able to change your browser’s homepage, search engine and get rid of any unwanted add-ons/extensions:

• If you are using Mozilla Firefoxhere are the steps to do that

• If you are using Google Chrome, follow the steps described in the articles below:

• How to set your homepage in Google Chrome

• How to set your search engine in Google Chrome

• How to manage extensions in Google Chrome

• If you are using Internet Explorer, here are the articles:

• How to change the home page in IE

• Set your search engine in IE

• Manage the add-ons in IE

• If you are using Microsoft Edge use the articles below:

• How to change the home page in Edge

• Set your search engine in Edge


3.  Block notifications from the websites allowed to display messages on your screen by following these steps:

• Turn notifications off in Google Chrome

• Turn notifications off in Mozilla Firefox


4. To be able to block future ads, we recommend you to install Adblock Plus (or uBlock Origin) for your browser:

• Adblock Plus for Mozilla Firefox / uBlock Origin for Mozilla Firefox

• Adblock Plus for Google Chrome / uBlock Origin for Google Chrome

• Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer


5. Perform a disk cleanup to reduce the number of unnecessary files on your drives (this can also help your PC run faster). You can follow the instructions presented here.


If after restarting the computer the situation still persists, please open a support ticket that includes this log.

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