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New Optimization Pack for Bitdefender Management Server v3.5

Bitdefender Client Security is an easy to use business security and management solution, which delivers superior proactive protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing and other malware. It offers the following components: Bitdefender Management Server (with/without add-on), Bitdefender Local Update Server, Bitdefender Business Client and Bitdefender Management Agent;

A new optimization pack has been released on 29th of June 2011 for the English version of Bitdefender Client Security.  It targets the Bitdefender Management Server and its components, for a faster and more stable environment. This new set of updates will enable your server enhanced functionality for the existing features.

 1.  What's new in the released optimization pack

  • Bitdefender Update Server optimization in terms of disk usage;
  • Bitdefender Management Server Network Audit module optimization and Windows 2000 support enhanced;
  • Bitdefender Management Server Reports module - optimization for malware reports;
  • Bitdefender Management Server Network Tasks module optimization; 

2.  How to install the optimization pack
         a)  Download and save locally the Bitdefender Client Security Optimization Pack according to your Windows Server platform:

Bitdefender Client Security Optimization Pack x86: Click here
Bitdefender Client Security Optimization Pack x64: Click here

b)  Double-click on the downloaded pack in order to start the install process. Once the install is started, a progress bar will point the exact status.

c)  Once the progress bar is finished and the installation window will disappear, the optimization pack is installed.

Note: The Bitdefender Client Security Optimization Pack can be applied only on Bitdefender Client Security v3.5.


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