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Asking for assistance on Bitdefender Business for Windows Servers v3.4

Bitdefender strives to provide its customers with an unparalleled level of fast and accurate support. If you experience any issue with our Bitdefender Business for Windows Servers v3.4, ...

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Installing Bitdefender Security for Exchange

In order to install Bitdefender Security for Exchange, you need an installation file or an installation CD that contains the installation package. The installation package can be downloaded ...

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Management Console

The dashboard provides you with useful information on the status of Bitdefender Security for Exchange and helps you easily solve the issues that requires your attention.This video tutorial ...

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Creating Groups

Bitdefender allows creating user groups, in order to apply different scanning and filtering policies for different user categories. This video tutorial, describes how you can create ...

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Antivirus Module - Configuring And Testing

The Antivirus module protects the Exchange server against viruses, spyware and riskware, and it ensures that users do not access infected e-mails. It detects infected or suspect messages ...

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Antispam Policies - Configuring And Testing

The Policies section of the Antispam module, provides you the possibility to specify the antispam filtering options. You can modify the default rule to specify the Antispam filtering ...

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Attachment Filtering - Configuring And Testing

The Attachment Filtering module provides filtering features for mail attachments. It can detect attachments with certain name patterns, of a certain type or exceeding a certain size ...

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Monitoring Module

The Monitoring module provides you with all the necessary means to monitor and control the product activity including: StatisticsReportsAlerts and LogsQuarantineScheduled TasksThis ...

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Update Module

New viruses and spyware are found and identified every day. This is why it is very important to keep Bitdefender up to date with the latest signatures. By default, Bitdefender automatically ...

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