Bitdefender services are not responding

This article helps you troubleshoot the Bitdefender Services are not responding error. You may encounter this error as follows:

  • The Bitdefender icon in the system tray is grayed out and you are informed that the Bitdefender services are not responding.
  • The Bitdefender window indicates that the Bitdefender services are not responding.


The error may be caused by one of the following conditions:

  1. an important update is being installed.
  2. temporary communication errors between the Bitdefender services.
  3. some of the Bitdefender services are stopped.
  4. other security solutions running on your computer at the same time with Bitdefender.


To troubleshoot this error, try these solutions:

  1. Wait a few moments and see if anything changes. The error may be temporary.

  2. Restart the computer and wait a few moments until Bitdefender is loaded. Open Bitdefender to see if the error persists. Restarting the computer might solve the problem.

  3. Check if you have any other security solution installed as they may disrupt the normal operation of Bitdefender. If this is the case, we recommend you to remove all of the other security solutions and then reinstall Bitdefender. In order to correctly uninstall them, please use the uninstall tools for the other security solutions; you can find them in our article here.

  4. If the error persists, please generate a support tool log and send it to our support department. You can find in our article the steps on how to generate a support tool log.

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