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Online criminals use different tools to fool users, such as: social engineering, drive by downloads, malvertising, man-in-the middle attacks. These methods get a user to an action, such as: clicking a button or link, downloading a document, plugging external storage devices. Many of these sites need to be checked before a user unknowingly takes an action on a website that installs malware into a device.

Malware Outbreaks

Malware attacks occur frequently and can wreak havoc in a network within minutes or even seconds. Often times, endpoint devices are not updated with the latest software patches and signatures while malware is already spreading throughout the network. These scenarios can breakdown a network within minutes and shut down a corporate network within hours.

Sometimes Speed is King

Hardware appliances must quickly process a lot of data coming into a corporate network. Sometimes appliances do not have enough processing power, memory, and storage to allow for implementation of an antimalware engine. However, if a device has a deep packet inspection engine or regular expression engine, you still can implement an antimalware solution that detects top malware threats.

Centralized Management Dashboard

Most hardware appliance manufacturers have a centralized dashboard for managing the hardware appliance. At times, administrators use a different interface for managing endpoint devices. Bitdefender provides a Client Security Software Development Kit (SDK) that works with Bitdefender business products to manage different endpoints from one management console.