Bitdefender BOX


Is BOX available in my country?

Bitdefender BOX is currently available only in the United States, Japan and France and is not certified for use outside of these three countries. We are planning to release the Bitdefender BOX in other countries as well.

What is BOX?

BOX is designed to protect your home network and all connected devices. BOX detects online threats or attacks targeting your devices or your entire network. It is the first security product that can protect not only PCs and Macs but devices like iPhones & iPads, smart TVs, game consoles and other Internet of Things devices that until now had no security solution.

How do I pay for BOX?

BOX is a subscription-based product and the first purchase includes one year of subscription. After the first year, the subscription costs 99$/year and you can protect an unlimited number of devices.

Do I need an Antivirus solution if I have the BOX installed?

Bitdefender BOX protects all smart devices connected to your network and it also includes the security solution Total Security to secure your traditional devices, such as PC, laptops, phones and tablets. Depending on the specific risks of each device, you will also have additional features you can activate within the BOX app.

What if I have another Bitdefender Product Installed?

Bitdefender BOX can work alongside all Bitdefender Software products (Total Security, Internet Security, Mobile Security & Antivirus for Mac for Mac) and you can use your exiting Bitdefender account.

How many devices can I protect?

With Bitdefender BOX you can protect an unlimited number of devices, no matter the operating system.

How does BOX protect my devices?

Bitdefender BOX intercepts network traffic and scans it for signs of malicious activity. You?ll be notified instantly in the BOX app when a threat is detected and blocked. Some devices which are more prone to attacks have an extended layer of protection available through Local Protection and Private Line.

Will the BOX slow my internet connection speed?

BOX has no perceivable impact on your network as long as your Internet speed does not exceed 100 Mbps.

Is the BOX compatible with my network?

BOX can be set up alongside most routers. In some cases you will be required to make some changes on your existing router to allow BOX to properly protect your network. This means you will need your router?s admin credentials in order to access its settings. In some cases, ISP-provided equipment doesn?t offer support for modifying network settings. In this case, you can configure BOX to create its own secure network. Please check our Unsupported Routers list from

How do I manage the BOX?

To set up and manage BOX you first need BOX app. BOX app is available for iOS (7 or newer) or Android (4 or newer) smartphones.

How can BOX protect my mobile devices when I leave home?

BOX protection is available for your mobile devices outside the home network. Using Private Line, BOX secures your online activities on any WiFi network, even unsafe ones. Your communication is encrypted and scanned for threats in the meantime. Local Protection is available for devices that are more prone to malware or other types of attacks. Local Protection blocks malware on your devices, detects applications and services with suspicious behavior and protects your files from unauthorized access and tampering. Additional security options can be activated on devices with Android 4.0 (or newer), iOS 7.0 (or newer), Mac OSX 10.7 (or newer) and Windows 7 (or newer).

Does BOX require any updates?

BOX offers constant updates to improve its performance and features. Along the firmware updates, the BOX application is also updated regularly. All these updates are included in the BOX subscription.

Can the BOX protect all my devices, regardless of their operating system?

BOX is the first security product that can protect not only PCs and Macs but devices like iPhones & iPads, smart TVs, game consoles and other Internet of Things devices that until now had no security solution. All devices will be protected, regardless of their operating system.

Do I need to change my home router?

No, Bitdefender BOX works with most network routers. A list with current identified incompatible routers can be found here.