Meet the future of security

BOX is the all-inclusive cybersecurity solution packed into one smartphone-controlled device.Manage everything from anywhere.

BOX protects everything connected to the Internet.

Not just your computer.
Even Smart TVs and smart appliances like thermostats or gaming consoles are vulnerable to malware that silently does its work.

BOX keeps you safe even when you are away from it. With Private Line your Internet browsing is safe and anonymous at the same time.


+Do I need a Antivirus solution if I have the BOX installed?

No other security solution is needed on any of your devices once connected to the BOX. Depending on the specific risk of each device, you’ll have additional features you can activate from your BOX app to ensure the optimal level of protection.

+Does BOX protect my mobile devices when I leave home?

Yes, using Private Line , BOX protection is available for your mobile devices outside the home network.

+How does BOX protect my devices?

Bitdefender BOX intercepts network traffic and scans it for signs of malicious activity. You’ll be notified instantly in the BOX app when a threat is detected and blocked.

+What if I have another Bitdefender Product Installed?

Bitdefender BOX can work alongside all Bitdefender Software products and you can use your existing Bitdefender account. BOX subscription also gives you access to a Total Security Multi-Device Subscription.

+Is the BOX compatible with my network?

BOX can be set up alongside most routers. In some cases you will be required to make some changes on your existing router to allow BOX to properly protect your network.

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With BOX every device is protected,
across all platforms.

It protects your entire network offering you a great sense of control and security.

threat protection

Malware, viruses, hacks, phishing, online fraud, spying, data theft. Every time we connect to the internet we become vulnerable. BOX is a powerful device that gives you the most advanced cybersecurity for all your connected devices.

All in a beautifully simple and easy way.

This Tiny Box Is Your Home’s Defense Against Hackers
The Bitdefender Box approach may turn out to be the best way to prevent future digital break-ins.
with more and more smart devices, the Box might just be the future of security.
Bitdefender BOX has the right idea about smart-home security. Box is a breakthrough idea

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