Everything connected needs to be protected.

The first of its kind, Bitdefender BOX is a revolutionary internet security solution that incorporates hardware, cloud and software designed to protect your entire home network.

Bitdefender BOX
The Only Device You Need To
Secure Your Entire Home Network

Bitdefender BOX protects all devices connected to the Internet, not just your computer or laptop.

BOX secures your smart phones and smart TVs and all your other smart appliances like Wi-Fi thermostats, gaming consoles and even your video baby monitor.

BOX keeps you safe even when you are away from home. With BOX Private Line and with Bitdefender local agents your mobile internet connection is secured and anonymous at the same time.

Bitdefender BOX gives you security and privacy protection on the go.

Smart Home Security

Bitdefender BOX
A closer look at how it works

Private Line

Internet security for mobile devices

BOX Private Line is our solution for mobile internet security.

Even when you are away from your BOX, browsing the internet on your mobile device through public wireless networks or using your data plan, you don’t need to worry about mobile security. Private line works just as great on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Private Line is a scanned VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection that BOX sets up for your mobile device so you can safely go online anywhere.

With BOX Private Line your mobile internet connection is secured and anonymous at the same time.

Total Security for Local Protection

BOX Local Protection uses the best Bitdefender antivirus technology (TSMD) to secure all your devices.

You don’t need separate security products for each of your laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Bitdefender’s advanced multi-platform solution protects all your Windows, Mac OS and Android devices.

This incredibly powerful yet easy-to-use product detects even the most advanced malware, such as 0-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.

NEW: Vulnerability Assessment

It’s like having your own network security engineer.

With the new Vulnerability Assessment technology, BOX scans your entire home network to identify any weak spots that can compromise its security.

Remember that hackers won’t breach your smart TV to simply turn it on and off or zap through your channels, but rather to gain access to your other devices and the data stored on them. It only takes one weak device to allow access to your entire home network.

With Vulnerability Assessment, BOX ensures your defenses always stay up.

How Does Vulnerability Assessment Work?

  1. BOX scans your network and identifies all vulnerabilities in connected devices and network equipment that can lead to remote, unauthorized access, data theft or malicious attacks.
  2. The BOX mobile app informs you about potential weak spots and offers recommendations for promptly fixing any security issues.
Active Threat Control

BOX incorporates Bitdefender’s award-winning protection technologies such as Active Threat Control to block any incoming attacks.

For each attempt blocked, BOX will send you an app notification to report on the nature of the threat.

Bitdefender Active Threat Control has been designed to act against never-before-seen threats. It uses machine learning and behavior-based threat analysis to tag suspicious activities and keep your devices safe.

One mobile app to manage everything

BOX connects all your devices to the Bitdefender Cloud and allows you to use the BOX mobile app (iOS/Android) to see all your network’s activity and any potential threats.

Use your smartphone to control BOX and to manage your entire home network.

The BOX app notifies you of ongoing network events and allows you to configure and manage all your devices remotely.

Set data roaming limits, remotely install Windows updates, improve system speed, locate lost devices and always stay safe.

This Tiny Box Is Your Home’s Defense Against Hackers
The Bitdefender Box approach may turn out to be the best way to prevent future digital break-ins.
with more and more smart devices, the Box might just be the future of security.
Bitdefender BOX has the right idea about smart-home security. Box is a breakthrough idea

BOX Tech Details

Bitdefender BOX

Software specification

Supported platforms:
  • iOS 9 and later
  • Android 4.1 and later
  • Windows 7 (SP1) and later (32 and 64 bit)

Hardware specification

  • Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.1 in
  • Weight: 3.24 oz. / 92 g
  • Color: white
  • Management apps: iOS 7.0 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Bandwidth: 100Mbps

Please note that design and tech specs are subject to change. We are still developing the product and hence some changes might happen as we test the product in labs and with customers. Our goal is to build the best possible product.


+Do I need another antivirus solution if I have the BOX installed?

No other security solution is needed. Bitdefender BOX covers all your connected devices. Moreover, it comes with a full, one year TSMD subscription that you can choose to install on all your supported devices for added local protection.

Depending on the device, you can activate additional security features from your BOX app to ensure optimal protection.

+ How does BOX protect my devices?

Bitdefender BOX intercepts network traffic and scans it for signs of malicious activity. You’ll be notified instantly through the BOX app when a threat is detected and blocked.

+ Does BOX protect my mobile devices when I leave my home?

Yes. When you activate the Private Line feature, BOX will protect your mobile devices outside your home network.

+ What if I have another Bitdefender Product Installed?

Bitdefender BOX will work alongside all Bitdefender software. You can use your existing Bitdefender account to register your new BOX. When you purchase BOX, you receive a 12-month subscription to Total Security Multi-Device. TSMD & BOX work together to keep you and your family safe.

+ Is the BOX compatible with my network?

BOX can be set up alongside most routers. In some cases you will be required to make some changes on your existing router to allow BOX to properly protect your network.

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Security for the Internet of Things

You’d think it’s a cliché in the media, but, if you own a smartphone, a laptop and a smart TV, you already live in a smart home. You have a video baby monitor and a wireless security camera too? We've got you covered.

All these connected devices are your Internet of Things and they all need protection.

With Bitdefender BOX, all your connected devices are protected!

Bitdefender BOX Mobile App
Bitdefender BOX

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