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What to do when Autopilot/Autoscan/Auto Update are randomly disabled

Bitdefender is by default set to Autopilot for completely silent security. While on Autopilot, Bitdefender makes all security related decisions for you and you don't have to configure any settings.

However some computer activities, such as games or presentations, require increased system responsiveness and performance, and no interruptions. When your laptop is running on battery power, it is best that unnecessary operations, which consume additional power, be postponed until the laptop is connected back to A/C power. To adapt to these particular situations, Bitdefender includes two special operation modes:

  • Game Mode
  • Laptop Mode


About  Game Mode

Game Mode temporarily modifies protection settings so as to minimize their impact on system performance.

When a known game or an application in fullscreen is started Bitdefender will automatically detect it and Game Mode will be enabled setting Antivirus to permissive, disabling pop-ups and alerts, disabling AutoScan, Safebox Auto Sync and automatic Update, disabling the Bitdefender Browser Toolbar.

Obviously, once the game is over or no longer in full screen, Bitdefender will automatically switch to the previous Bitdefender settings

About Laptop Mode

Laptop Mode is especially designed for laptop and notebook users. Its purpose is to minimize Bitdefender's impact on power consumption while these devices are running on battery.

When Bitdefender operates in Laptop Mode, the Autoscan, Auto Update and Safebox Auto Sync features are turned off, as they require more system resources and, implicitly, increase power consumption.

Bitdefender detects when your laptop has switched to battery power and it automatically enters Laptop Mode. Likewise, Bitdefender automatically exits Laptop Mode, when it detects the laptop is no longer running on battery.

If you would prefer Bitdefender to always stay in Autopilot or you just don’t want to use any of these features you can turn off Automatic Game Mode and/or Automatic Laptop mode as follows:

  • Bring up the main Bitdefender interface
  • Click the Settings button on the upper toolbar
  • In the Settings Overview window, select General
  • In the General Settings window, select the General tab
  • Turn off Automatic laptop mode /Automatic game mode by clicking the corresponding switch
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