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Incompatibility between BEST and Citrix EdgeSight

Note: Citrix EdgeSight has been discontinued. The information in this article has not been updated since the end of support for the product and thus we cannot guarantee is still valid for your specific situation or system configuration.

Currently the only viable workaround for the BEST - Citrix EdgeSight incompatibility can be found below:

If both the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Control module (ATC) and Citrix Edgesight are installed on the same machine, Citrix Edgesight injection needs to be disabled by means of whitelisting. Access the following link for more information:

To monitor only specific processes:

1. Add a list of processes to be monitored by EdgeSight (separate the processes by a semi-colon; do not include any leading spaces in process names) to the UviProcessList registry key.
2. Set the UviProcessIsExcluded registry key to 0 to include the processes in the list:

Name: UviProcessList
Type: REG_SZ
Data: < semi-colon separated list of processes to monitor> - in your case, you would leave this empty

Name: UviProcessIsExcluded
Data: 0 (to include the listed processes to be monitored)

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