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How to integrate Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers with Axigen Mail Server

This article explains how to integrate Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers with Axigen Mail Server version 6 or newer on Linux systems.

note Important:
All commands below should be executed from within the ~BitDefender/bin directory.

Install Bitdefender with milter agent

  1. Install Bitdefender and select the Sendmail-milter agent during the installation wizard. If Bitdefender is already installed, just enable it:
    # cd /opt/BitDefender/bin
    # ./bdsafe agent enable milter
  2. Axigen does not send any kind of connection information to Bitdefender, like the IP address of the server sending the mail. Therefore the Bitdefender RBL filter is unable to process emails properly. You have to disable it and use the Axigen antispam methods instead.

    To disable the Bitdefender RBL filter:

    # ./bdsafe group configure default antispam userblfilter N
    # ./bdsafe reload

    To add the RBL servers to Axigen:

    1. Using Axigen WebAdmin, select the Security & Filtering > Additional AntiSpam Methods menu option.
    2. Click the DNSBL (DNS BlackList) box to expand the section where you can add the RBL servers.

Configure Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers

Bitdefender and Axigen run as two different users, which need to communicate for the integration to work. To configure the users and the default access permissions:

  1. Add the Axigen user to Bitdefender’s LocalUsers and to the Bitdefender System group:
    # ./bdsafe registry configure localusers add axigen
    # usermod -G axigen,bitdefender axigen
  2. Change the access permissions to /var/run/BitDefender so that bdmilterd, which runs as the Axigen user, will be able to create the milter intercommunication socket:
    # chmod 731 /var/run/BitDefender
  3. bdmilterd needs to run as the Axigen user. The easiest way to achieve this is by setting the setuid flag for bdmilterd and changing its owner to the Axigen user as follows:
    # chown axigen:bitdefender bdmilterd
    # chmod u+s bdmilterd

Configure Axigen Mail Server

Axigen needs a milter filter to communicate with Bitdefender and to send all emails to be scanned.

Configure Axigen to use the Bitdefender milter as described herein:

  1. From the Axigen WebAdmin main menu, select Security & Filtering > Acceptance & Routing option.
  2. Click the Advanced Settings button at the upper side of the page.
  3. Add a filtering rule:
    1. Click the Acceptance/Routing button.
    2. Set the name of the rule to Bitdefender_Milter
    3. Unless required, leave the Conditions section unmodified, as the default policies apply to all SMTP connections.
    4. From the Actions section, select Filters > Add Filter from the drowpdown list and click the + Add condition button.
    5. In the Add milter filter box set the Name field to Bitdefender and the Address field to
    6. Save configuration.
  4. Activate the filter by creating a second Acceptance/Routing policy that will ensure the first filter execution:
    1. Set the name of the new rule to Bitdefender_Execute
    2. Leave the Conditions section unmodified.
    3. From the Actions section, select Filters > Execute Filters from the drowdown list and click the + Add condition button.
    4. Set the Execute Filters name pattern to Bitdefender
    5. Save configuration.

Apply and Verify Configuration

To apply changes, restart both Bitdefender and Axigen:

# ./bd restart
# /etc/init.d/axigen restart

If the setup works correctly, you will find the X-BitDefender-Scanner header in the headers of all delivered mails, similar to this:

X-BitDefender-Scanner: Clean, Agent: BitDefender qmail 3.1.6 on 
my.axigen.server, sigver: 7.61669 
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