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How to Deploy Bitdefender Security Server in Nutanix AHV

  About Bitdefender Security Server
  Importing the Security Server
  Deploying the Security Server

About Bitdefender Security Server

Bitdefender GravityZone is an enterprise security solution that helps organizations to achieve the best protection and performance for their business needs. The comprehensive platform includes endpoint control to harden your systems and reduce your attack surface with multi-stage detection techniques and automatic remediation.

GravityZone can be configured to use multiple virtual appliances (VAs), multiple instances of specific roles (Database, Communication Server, Update Server and Web Console) and a dedicated Security Server to ensure reliability and scalability.

Security Server is the first comprehensive security solution for virtualized datacenters. A dedicated virtual appliance centralizes most of the antimalware functionality of antimalware agents, acting as a scan server for your virtualized environments.

This article aims to explain how to import and deploy Bitdefender Security Server in Nutanix AHV.

Importing the Security Server

  1. Log in to GravityZone.
  2. Go to the Network > Packages page.
  3. Select the default Security Server Virtual Appliance package.
  4. Click the Download button in the upper-left side of the table and select the Nutanix Prism (VMDK) version. Depending on your browser settings, the file may be downloaded automatically to a default download location.
  5. Log in to PRISM, the Nutanix Web Console.
  6. Import the VMDK file:
    1. Click the gear button in the upper-right corner of the console to access the Settings menu and select Image Configuration.
      Image Configuration
      The configuration window is displayed.
    2. Click Upload Image. A new window pops up, asking you to enter image details.
    3. Enter a suggestive name for the image.
    4. From the Image Type menu, choose Disk.
    5. From Image Source, select Upload File and choose the VMDK file you have previously extracted.
    6. Click Save. Wait while the virtual drive is being uploaded. When finished, you will be able to view the image in the list of existing images.
  7. Create the virtual machine for the Bitdefender Security Server VMDK file:
    1. Go to the VM page using the menu at the upper left corner of the console.
      VM page selector
    2. Click the Create VM button at the upper right corner of the page.
      Create VM button
    3. In the new configuration window, enter the requested details:

      • A suggestive name and a description for the VM.
      • Hardware configuration such as number of CPUs, cores per CPU and memory. These values must meet the Bitdefender Security Server requirements. You can find more information in the GravityZone Installation Guide.

    4. Click Add new disk. A configuration window is displayed.
    5. Configure the disk settings as follows:

      • Type: Disk
      • Operation: Clone from Image Service
      • Bus Type: SCSI
      • Image: the image you have previously created.

    6. Click Add.
    7. Click Add new NIC and choose the network you want to use.
    8. Click Save.

Deploying the Security Server

  1. In Nutanix console, go to the VM > Table section.
    Table section
  2. Power on the newly created machine.
    Power on VM
  3. Click Launch Console.
    Launch Console

    Connect to the Security Server via SSH. For details regarding configuration steps, refer to the "Deploying Security Server Installation Packages" chapter from the GravityZone Installation Guide.

    Bitdefender Security Server - Login
    Configured Security Server.
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