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Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools Version Release Notes

Release date:

Fast Ring: 2017.01.26

Slow Ring: 2017.01.30


important Important:
  • This version is for Windows operating systems.
  • This version, on slow ring, also includes improvements and fixes delivered with Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools and, released on fast ring.

New Features and Improvements

  • Facing a world with an increasing number of more complex threats, Bitdefender continuously develops advanced and innovative technologies to fight them. Some of these technologies are no longer supported by legacy operating systems. That’s why, starting with the security agent update on the 30th of January 2017, Bitdefender is limiting protection to Antimalware and Advanced Threat Control for several legacy Windows operating systems:
    • Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
    • Windows Embedded POSReady 2009
    • Windows Embedded Standard 2009
    • Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 2
    • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
    • Windows Small Business Server 2003
    • Windows Server 2003 R2
    • Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1
    • Windows Home Server
  • Improved submission options for third-party integrations with the product.

Resolved Issues

  • Assignation rules were in some cases incorrectly applied on SSID (Service Set Identifier) for wireless connection. The issue is now fixed.
  • Resolved the increased Internet traffic generated on endpoints that occurred when various proxy servers were configured in Internet Explorer.
  • Windows Defender was still enabled on Windows Server 2016 Final after installing Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools. The issue is now fixed.
  • Fixed the missing information for Blocked by and Web Category fields in the Blocked Websites notification, when using only the Ads filter to block webpages.
  • Fixed a particular issue occurred on Exchange Servers where Bitdefender services crashed with In progress status at 83% during On-Demand scan process.
  • Fixed a critical error (BSOD) that occurred when starting certain Windows 8.1 programs via Application Jukebox Player.
  • Fixed a critical error (BSOD) generated by the Firewall module during the booting process after upgrading to Windows 10, 64-bit version.
  • Fixed an issue that was interrupting network connection on Cisco 4510R Switch ports, after updating the product to version on Windows 10 64-bit workstations.
  • In some situations, endpoints in large networks and with Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools installed were sending ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) broadcasts that generated high volumes of network traffic. The issue is now fixed.
  • Occasionally, Internet browsers were experiencing temporary connectivity losses when Content Control was installed on endpoint. The issue is now fixed.
  • Fixed a particular issue that caused the Device Control module to identify the wireless network adapter Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 as wired.
  • In some situations, scheduled on-demand scan tasks started immediately after the endpoints resumed from sleep or hibernation. The issue is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled scan tasks from the past started when the user applied the policy on a new endpoint.
note Note:
  • During this update, the Microsoft Exchange Transport service will be stopped.
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