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How to subscribe to Bitdefender Security for Amazon Web Services in AWS Marketplace

Bitdefender Security for Amazon Web Services is a security solution designed for cloud infrastructures and integrated with GravityZone Cloud Control Center. A comprehensive solution, Bitdefender Security for AWS protects Amazon EC2 instances running Windows and Linux operating systems.

This article provides information about subscribing, unsubscribing and reporting the usage of Bitdefender Security for AWS on your Amazon EC2 instances.

About Bitdefender Security for AWS on Marketplace

Bitdefender has updated its Security for AWS product on AWS Marketplace to support consolidated billing directly from customer’s AWS account.

Subscription on AWS Marketplace is today available for new GravityZone customers and for existing users who have not had an AWS subscription in the past.

To subscribe to Bitdefender Security for Amazon Web Services, you must have an active AWS account.

As a best practice, it is strongly recommended that you create and use IAM user accounts associated to your AWS root account. Learn more about IAM here.

After subscribing to the Bitdefender Security for AWS, your account will be charged by Amazon on hourly usage of the service, as part of your AWS monthly invoice.

Subscribing to Bitdefender Security for AWS

To be able to use Bitdefender Security for AWS on your Amazon EC2 instances, you must subscribe on AWS Marketplace following these steps:

  1. Login to your AWS Marketplace at this link:
  2. Access Bitdefender Security for Amazon Web Services page.
  3. Click the Continue button on the right side of the page.
  4. Read the subscription details and click Subscribe. A message will inform that you are subscribed to Bitdefender Security for AWS.
  5. Click Set Up Your Account. You will be redirected to a registration form hosted by Bitdefender. Follow these steps according to your customer status:
    • As new GravityZone customer:
      1. Fill in the required information.
      2. Click Complete Registration.

      If the provided details are valid, a customer company and a user account will be created for you in GravityZone Control Center. You will receive your login details to the specified email address. At this moment, you can access GravityZone Control Center using the link provided in the email.

    • As existing GravityZone customer:
      1. Click the link provided under the form’s title.
      2. Enter your GravityZone credentials.
      3. Click Find company and finish purchase.

      If the login credentials are valid, a confirmation message will appear. Access GravityZone Control Center using the provided link.

      note Note:

      For the registration to succeed, you must not have had an Amazon EC2 integration in the past.

After subscribing to Bitdefender Security for AWS, you need to configure the Amazon EC2 integration and deploy Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools on your Amazon EC2 instances to protect them. For details, refer to this KB article.

Once you have subscribed and the integration is completed:

  • All your Amazon EC2 instances having BEST installed will become licensed.
  • The AWS Marketplace widget will appear in Control Center > My Company. Click it to go to AWS Marketplace.

Error Messages

If the subscription cannot be validated, you will receive an error message with explanations adapted to certain situations:

  1. Could not find the company linked to these credentials. The credentials may be invalid or the company does not exist.


  2. The company could not be created.


  3. Amazon EC2 product activation for this company failed. It may be already activated, or the activation is not possible at this moment.



Reporting the Usage

While subscribed to Bitdefender Security for AWS, you are charged by Amazon on a monthly basis, according to the usage reported by Bitdefender.

The usage of your company is reported hourly per protected instance. Invoicing is performed by AWS according to the instance size, as defined below:

  • Small – for micro and small EC2 instances.
  • Medium – for medium EC2 instances.
  • Large – for large EC2 instances.
  • xLarge – for xlarge EC2 instances.

Check the AWS Marketplace product page to view the price list for each instance size.

Unsubscribing from Bitdefender Security for AWS

You can unsubscribe anytime from Bitdefender Security for AWS if you do not need to protect your Amazon EC2 instances anymore. For details, refer to this KB article.

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