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How to Configure an Azure Application for GravityZone Integration with Microsoft Azure

Through GravityZone (on-premises solution) integration with Microsoft Azure, you are able to import into Control Center the existing inventory of virtual machines hosted in the Microsoft cloud.

The integration requires an Azure application which provides GravityZone the ability to register into Microsoft cloud and to access data from the Azure virtual machines.

The Azure application also provides the necessary credentials to configure the integration in Control Center:

  • Active Directory ID
  • Application ID
  • Application Secret

This article describes how to:

Create the Azure Application

  1. Log in to Microsoft Azure portal.
  2. On the right upper-side, click the Directory and Subscription filter icon and, under Switch directory, select the directory where you want to register you app. Under the directory name, there is an alphanumerical string which represents the Active Directory ID. This identifier is the first one necessary to configure the GravityZone integration.
    active directory ID
  3. From the left-side menu, go to Azure Active Directory > App registrations > New application registration.
  4. Under Create, fill in the required fields:
    1. Name for your application.
    2. Application type: Web app / API.
    3. Sign-on URL – the URL of the GravityZone instance that you integrate with Azure.
  5. Click the Create button. A new window provides you with details about the new application. These details include Application ID, an identifier also required for GravityZone integration.
    app details
  6. Click Settings, then click Keys.
  7. In the new window, under Passwords:
    1. Enter a description as you desire.
    2. Select the duration of the key.
      note Note:

      After the key expires, the synchronization between the Microsoft Azure and GravityZone inventories will not be possible. In this case, you must use another key for integration.

    3. Click Save. A key value is displayed immediately. This key represents Application Secret, required to complete in Control Center the GravityZone integration with Microsoft Azure. Copy the value and keep it in a safe location.
      app keys

Add Permissions for Azure Application

The Azure application requires Reader permission to be able to synchronize the Microsoft Azure and GravityZone inventories.

  1. From the left-side menu, go to Cost Management + Billing > Subscriptions.
  2. In the subscription list, click the name of the subscription you want to assign access to.
  3. Click Access control (IAM), then click Add.
  4. In the Add permissions window:
    1. Fill in the required fields with the following values:
      1. Role: Reader.
      2. Assign access to: Azure AD user, group, or application.
      3. Select: search for the name of the application that you have created.
    2. Click Save.

If you have more than one subscription in Microsoft Azure, you can add Reader permission for all of them using the same Azure application.

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