03 Nov 2010

Zeus botnet swallowed by SpyEye

The infamous Zeus botnet is no more, reports internet security expert Brian Krebs. The malware, which is responsible for millions of dollars of stolen money, has been given by its author to the creator of an up-an-coming trojan called SpyEye.

According to Krebs, SpyEye was recently announced by its author, who championed it as a “Zeus Killer.” Unlike the creator of Zeus, who privately shopped his malware to criminal rings around the world, SpyEye’s author publicly advertised his creation on message boards and instant messaging services.

In a recent post on an online forum, the SpyEye creator announced that Zeus’ creator had given him the Zeus source code, and was planning to wipe his computer clean of Zeus and pull out of the crimeware market.

“I will service the Zeus product beginning today and from here on. I have been given the source codes free of charge so that clients who bought the software are not left without tech support,” wrote the SpyEye creator in a translated post. In another message, he said the two malware strains would be merged into “one powerful Trojan.”

The Zeus malware had been hit hard recently by a series of arrests. More than 100 members of an international Zeus crime ring have been arrested.