24 Aug 2011

You Need Good Antivirus Software for Social Networking

You may think that social networking should be safe, but it isn't. Even if you have privacy settings on your accounts, you still leave yourself open to other threats from unwitting friends or that friend of a friend of a sister's friend that you met once. Third party applications and shared links on social networking sites can be dangerous and just because your friend posted a link, does not necessarily mean that it comes from a safe location. Also, you typically sign into sites like Facebook and Twitter with your e-mail address. If someone were to get ahold of that, they could send phishing messages to your e-mail and steal more information.   

You'll need solid antivirus software to protect yourself from potential threats and that's where Bitdefender comes in. Bitdefender's products have been ranked as the best antivirus software in the business by several authoritative websites and magazines. Their antivirus programs defend you from social networking threats with filters specifically designed for those types of websites. They also send warnings about risky sites, so when you open a link posted by a friend, you don't have to rely on their computer skills to tell you the site is safe. General virus and spy protection are included as well.

When you use social networking without strong antivirus software, you leave yourself open to attack. Bitdefender's antivirus program can help you ensure that you are never in danger when you log on.