16 Aug 2011

Website appeals to competitive hackers

A recently-launched website, RateMyHack.com, provides a forum, and a battleground, for hackers who seek recognition for their ability to thwart internet security systems.

Billing itself as "The world's first elite hacker ranking system," RankMyHack awards users points based on the targets they hack and the sophistication of their attacks.

"Submit proof of your website hacks in exchange for Ranking Points that earn you a place on the leaderboard of legends," the site instructs.

Currently, the top hack on the site's leaderboard is a breach of The Huffington Post allegedly accomplished by user "Mudkip." Other top hackers say they have successfully attacked sites such as Google, Mozilla, Yahoo and MapQuest. Since the site launched last month, 1,153 hacks have been recorded.

While Computerworld cautions that verification of these hacks is difficult, the site is alarming as a meeting place for hackers to share trade secrets. A "Resources" page includes hacking tutorials, forums and downloadable tools.

Users can also "duel" on the site to see who can hack the most websites within an allotted time. The winner receives points to climb up the leaderboard of legends.

Not all hackers seek personal glory or ranking points. In its mission statement, high-profile hacking group LulzSec said it launches cyber attacks for "fun, fun, fun."