28 Feb 2011

Voices of America website attacked by Iranian Cyber Army

A group of computer hackers recently attacked the website run by Voices of America, sending its online traffic to a website supposedly operated by the Iranian Cyber Army.

According to VOA, users trying to access the site were redirected to a page showing an anti-U.S. message directed at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a graphic of an Iranian flag and a AK-47 assault weapon.

The State Department recently launched a Twitter feed in the Farsi language, which may have sparked the attacks. Iran has been critical of the move and accused the United States of using the internet to organize the country’s enemies.

"There are a few hacker crews operating out of Iran that do have allegiances or ties with the Iranian government. The Iranian Cyber Army is one of them. They have a good skills set. These are not script kiddies," said cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr.

The Department of Defense is trying to combat future attacks, such as this one, by investing more than $500 million in new research and technology to stop cyber threats from occurring.