13 Jan 2011

Virus that follows your keyboard

One of the trickier viruses out on the web is the Keylogger.

The virus executes almost invisibly as a low-level system. When a computer starts, the virus starts in invisibility mode and the user is unable to identify the threat. All key strokes are sent back to the intruder and this can cause a great deal of problems for any unsuspecting person.

Keyloggers can steal information including social security numbers, credit card numbers and passwords. A person using online banking and cash sites, such as PayPal, are extremely susceptible.

"Over the past few years, viruses have been particularly nasty, rendering people's computers unusable," said owner of Liberty Computer Services Joseph Masso. "In the future, I see them only getting worse - more tricky and more deceiving."

Pop-up windows that are difficult to close, icons appearing for programs that were never installed and a computer running slowly are all signs a computer has a virus, according to Masso. Computer users should take extra caution when downloading music, games and screen-savers from unfamiliar sources.