16 Mar 2011

Video shows potential computer virus attack

With global fears about potential cyber threats, one security expert recently created a video showing the process of a virus attack.

The video, created by Ben Reardon of dataviz Australia, shows a representation of a virus and the security measures used to counter it.

The virus is shown attacking a voice over internet protocol service, with red and white bubbles representing the malicious scans trying to compromise the system. Sensitive information is represented by blue bubbles and green bubbles, are the system’s defenses.

“While it may seem like things are under control in the video, imagine dealing with hundreds of attacks a day all trying different techniques to bypass your security and stop the green bubbles from deploying,” wrote geek.com’s Matthew Humphries. “After watching such an attack in action, it’s easy to see how some hacks manage to succeed and breakthrough the defenses.”

PCWorld recently released its top security threats for 2011. Malicious applications will continue to be a problem for smartphone users and other threats include fake antivirus scams, malware attacks and social network scams.