06 Oct 2011

Vancouver Police Department lists top scams

With recent scams of callers claiming to be from Microsoft to slip by antivirus programs and get access to computers, the Vancouver Police Department in Canada has released its top 10 scams for 2011, according to NEWS1130

Vancouver Police Sergeant Jim Scott told the news source his office has received many calls about the Microsoft scam this year, which was the top listed scam for the year. His best advice is to be skeptical of calls like that and hang up the phone as soon as possible.

NEWS1130 said other scams include a fake lottery scam, where a mass mailing is sent out to the elderly to draw to draw money by convincing them they won the lottery. Other scams include a distressed call or email scam where someone calls or emails a victim's friends and family pretending to be them and an advance fee scam, where the suspect, usually from Nigeria, said they will give money if they first receive money up front.

Microsoft has been trying to keep up with the scamming, as they recently dumped one of its partners for cold calling users claiming to have detected viruses in their PCs. Users should have their own antivirus software loaded in so they can stop the problem before it starts and not fall for false information from scammers.