29 Mar 2011

United States lacks cyber security

With all of the recent cyber attacks taking place, some feel the United States is not taking the proper computer security measures to defend itself, according to a recent Los Angeles Times report.

One example of a lack of security involves a large Southern California water company, which hired a hacker group to test the vulnerability of the its computer security. In only one day, the hacker group took control of the equipment that adds chemical treatments to drinking water for millions of homes, the article stated.

Not only does the company offer water treatment solutions, it also runs electrical grids, pipelines and chemical plants.

“Sources familiar with the negotiations say the White House has promised Senate leaders that it will offer its own cyber security legislation in a month. But any proposal that calls for far-reaching regulations would face an uphill battle,” wrote the L.A. Time's Ken Dilanian.

If the example against the water company is not enough for greater computer security measures, then research by the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team may be. According to the report, cyber attacks against federal agencies increased nearly 40 percent in 2010.