03 Oct 2011

Two CEOs hacked for personal information

According to reports by CNET, CEOs for Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase were hacked this week. CEOs or anyone worried about security should increase their internet security measures as soon as possible.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Bankfein had his personal information posted to Pastebin's website. The information contained the CEO's age, recent address, details of ligation he has been involved in and registration for business, according to the news source. There was no sensitive data held in the information file.

Pastebin also featured information on J.P. Morgan Chase's CEO James Dimon. Dimon's address, family, business connections, political contributions and legal information were all posted on the website, according to CNET.

The same hackers also posted information on New York Policy Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna earlier this week after he was seen pepper-spraying peaceful demonstrators in the face last week. The hacks could be linked to Occupy Wall Street protests currently ongoing in New York, according to the news source. Anyone worried about personal information being stolen should protect their computer with internet security measures such as antivirus software.