27 Sep 2011

Trojan that infects Firefox and Internet Explorer making its way around the web

A new "double Trojan" virus is making its way across the internet and is said to be able to infect both Firefox and Internet Explorer. BitDefender has identified the Internet Explorer plug-in as Trojan.Tracur.C and said its spreading by making itself appear as an Adobe Flash player upgrade. Antivirus software can help stave off malicious viruses such as this.

Instead of being an extension, the fake plug-in spies on and records the browsing habits of internet users who accidentally download it. The virus then also corrupts a Firefox add-on, called Trojan.JS.Redirector.KY that performs similar suspicious and harmful functions on Mozilla Firefox users.

The Firefox add-on is dangerous, as it records the information the victims type into the search engine and inserts malicious codes into the top results. This tactic, known as poison SEO, allows malware authors to take over a user's browser and redirect it to corrupted web pages.

Users should double check a programs credibility before downloading it. As a precaution, users should also check to make sure they have the most up-to-date antivirus software to protect their computer.