28 Feb 2012

Tips for buying online security software

Buying antivirus software may seem like a simple task, but consumers should take the time to look into the best features and what products are best reviewed. Matt Egan of PC Advisor said that every connected PC should have at least one program running with a firewall and it is crucial to keep them updated.

"The best products will offer features that go beyond the traditional antivirus, antispyware, antispam and firewall concoction of internet security suites – you might see parental controls, 'cloud' protection, anti-phishing, anti-rootkit, virtual web browsers and keyboards, link and file scanners, gaming modes, online backup and more included," Egan said. "As malware develops more quickly than ever before these days, signature-based virus detection is no longer enough, and we suggest that any package worth its salt should have at least behavioral protection."

He said the best value is offered by a one-year, three-license contract, as households usually have more than one computer in a household. If there is only one computer, there can be money saved with just a single user license, according to Egan.

Dominic Vogel of TechRepublic wrote on ZDNet that people should remove any old antivirus programs when installing a new one, otherwise the programs may end up disabling each other and become useless.