29 Apr 2011

Target malware attacks increasing, says report

An internet security company recently released a report revealing that detection-evading malware attacks have reached their highest levels since 2009.

The amount of attacks has reached 85 per day, the highest since 107 attacks were recorded in March 2009. However, since the shutdown of the Rustock botnet in March, global spam volumes through emails have decreased by 6.4 percentage points to 72.9 percent in April.

During April, one in 168.6 emails contained malware, while targeted attacks accounted for only 0.02 percent.

“As the financial year draws to a close in many countries, it is also possible that the timing is perfect for cyber criminals seeking information about the financial performance of a company, and a carefully crafted attack may be just the means by which they can achieve this,” said senior analyst Paul Wood.

If the IT industry improved its collaboration tactics, cloud-based malware identification and information capabilities could eliminate up to 90 percent of all malware, a cyber security expert recently stated.