24 Jan 2014

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks CNN Blogs, Twitter Accounts over Syria Reporting

The Syrian Electronic Army hacked US television news network CNN once again, this time breaching Twitter accounts, blogs and the CNN Politics Facebook page, according to E Hacking News.

on the SEA launched the new attacks on CNN for “viciously lying reporting aimed at prolonging the suffering in #Syria," the hacktivist group said in a tweet.

"US Media strategy is now to hide the fact that the CIA controls and funds Al Qaeda by blaming #Syria instead for their terror. #SEA," SEA said on Twitter. "#CNN used its usual formula of present unverifiable information as truth, adopting a report by Qataris against #Syria."

Among the posts the SEA made on CNN’s Twitter, @CNN and @natlsecuritycnn, was: “BREAKING NEWS: US declares state of national emergency, State department reportedly out of reach.”

SEA’s recent attacks have mainly been directed at Microsoft. In August 2013, the hacktivists hit various media companies, including CNN.