15 Sep 2011

Students should have antivirus programs for computers

Although college students are constantly on the internet, Prospectus News said that many still have not learned to close their Facebook page in a public place, let alone secure their own computer with an anitvirus program.

"Staying safe while online is a whole lot more than just that, though," the websites tech advice column said. "Neglecting good internet safety procedures can result in anything from getting a virus on your PC to having your identity or financial information stolen."

While hackers can get to anything they want these days with enough effort, according to the website, there are simple steps that can be taken to make a computer less of an easy target. The website said to install an antivirus program, install a firewall, use passwords and backup data to keep a computer safe. It says most viruses used today are "Trojan horse" viruses that pretend to be something else that is beneficial to get information from a system.

Indiana University's Information Technology Services website said that Trojan viruses do something undocumented which the programmer indented but the user would not approve of if they knew about it. An antivirus program should be effective at stopping most Trojan viruses.