27 Apr 2011

Smartphones, tablets in danger from cyber criminals

With the growing adoption of smartphones and tablet PCs, cyber criminals are beginning to target these devices more, experts claim.

Researchers at several internet security companies said there are new Trojans, viruses and spyware affecting these devices, according to a report by Mercury News. Applications for games and video players could potentially become infected and send and receive commands from hackers.

One such attack repeatedly sends text messages, while charging hidden fees to the owner’s account. Another uses the phone’s location software to transmit the owner’s location without their knowledge, the article stated.

"There hasn't been an example of malware affecting thousands or millions of devices yet, but that doesn't mean it's not possible or it won't happen," said analyst Chris Hazelton, who tracks mobile technology for the 451 Group.

Contrary to Hazelton’s statement, Google’s Android Market has come under scrutiny for a virus that may have affected more than 260,000 phones. The Android operating system recently became the top-selling OS on the smartphone market, and experts expect more attacks to continue to affect users.