30 Dec 2011

Small businesses should have defense against cybercrime

For small businesses, it doesn't make sense not to have an internet security program in place to help defend against fraud and cybercrime. Eduard Goodman, chief privacy officer for Identity Theft 911, told Reuters that there should be a written security policy as well to make sure all bases are covered.

“They (small businesses) don’t want to find out after an incident that they don’t have coverage, “ says Goodman. “ I believe in having a backup plan, and the insurance side of it is important. We’re not talking a bunch of money. We’re talking free to $50 to a couple of hundred dollars on an annual policy that protects them, that will provide for remediation in case something happens or even getting money back in case there’s fraud."

Goodman also told Reuters that businesses need to consistently update computer patches and security programs to keep out new problems that hackers develop on a constant basis. He said an ecommerce business that gets hacked can lose everything in one breach.

A report by the National Cyber Security Alliance said 67 percent of small businesses have become more dependent on the internet. At the same time, internet security may be lacking, as 77 percent of businesses said they don't have a written security policy.