25 May 2011

Small businesses most at risk against cyber attacks, says expert

Businesses that employ only a handful of workers must be wary against potential cyber attacks. Martin Clark, head of the IT consultancy division of Clough & Company, said that startups and smaller businesses are at the greatest risk because they tend to purchase the least-sophisticated antivirus software, according to a recent report by the Telegraph and Argus.

“Many people starting or operating a small business as a solo operation or with just a few staff will probably buy their equipment from one of the major … retailers along with standard business software,” Martin told the news provider.

This also presents an issue, because their IT security is not resistant to hackers, Martin said. In some cases, students hacked company servers just for pleasure and not to defraud the companies.

Although small businesses do not have the resources of large corporations, it appears that no organization is safe from cyber criminals. Last month, the world’s largest permission-based email distributor Epsilon, was struck by hackers who obtained millions of email addresses as a result of the attack.