08 Jun 2011

Security remains an issue for the cloud

While companies attempt to shore up their defenses against cyber criminals on the ground, attacks keep occurring in the cloud. According to a recent study by an internet security company, 43 percent of IT decision-makers reported a security problem with their cloud computing provider in the past year.

The company surveyed 1,200 officials from companies located in the U.S., Canada, Germany, India and Japan. It revealed that 50 percent of respondents are concerned about data or cloud infrastructure security, while 48 percent are concerned about performance and availability of the service itself.

"In the past, security concerns were the primary inhibitors to cloud adoption," said Dave Asprey, vice president of cloud security for the internet security company. "Now, performance and availability have equal influence over IT decision makers. As we witnessed in recent data breach incidents, everything is linked – poor security causes downtime, as well as bad performance."

As companies continue to look to improve cloud security, hackers continue to find vulnerabilities. One of the largest data breaches of the year affected millions of computer users. Hackers were able to infiltrate Epsilon, the world’s largest distributor of permission-based email, which announced that customers were in danger of phishing attacks as a result.