04 Oct 2011

Security executive gives advice for staying safe online

Mike Cote, vice president at Dell Secureworks, a security-as-a-service company, writes on Forbes that organizations need to have the right internet security in place as well as comprehensive endpoint security to defend against cyber threats. He said there are many simple steps that can be taken to protect against cyber security violations.

Cote writes on Forbes that companies should use a dedicated computer for financial matters, avoid clicking on links with attachments that are unknown, advise employees against visiting small, hosted websites and be cautious about installing software and pop-ups that may automatically install software.

"Do your homework before selecting an antivirus vendor, ensuring that they not only provide coverage for the key threats but also respond quickly with protections when new ones are introduced," Cotes said. "Invest in an antivirus product instead of using 'trial versions' as your source of protection.Trial versions of antivirus products are good for testing products but they do not receive updates, so any new virus that is introduced after the trial version was released will have total access to your PC."

TMC News said to stay safe online, companies and people alike need to have computer software and anitvirus software up to date. The website said people should also think before they click any link online.